Key Account Profiling
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Understand your market through intelligence. What are they currently using? When does the contract come up for renewal? What projects are they rolling out this year? By combining our market knowledge and calling skills to penetrate your key companies we can provide you with the information you need to sell your services.

EngageTech provide our clients with a strategic understanding of their target market. Utilising a blend of research and telephone communication we develop a detailed profile of the prospects business and key areas for investment, as well as defining the decision makers thinking behind their strategy. Our approach is focussed on building a picture of your prospects, their needs and future business strategy. We can then leverage this to promote your business and technology solutions.

How much Market Intelligence do you have?

Find out the best time to approach your key market by using us to obtain key market intelligence that you can store and use at the appropriate time. Make sure that you initiatives are tailored to suit your potential.

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