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Do you have an effective database?

Do you have an effective contact database?

A contact database is perhaps your most important asset as a marketeer…

And for good reason:

These are the people who are interested in what you have to offer or what you have to say.

These are the people you will be proactively approaching by email or events or through your various marketing strategies.

In short, your contact database is inextricably linked to your sales pipeline and ultimate company revenue.

And yet, many organisations struggle to maintain the level of accuracy and volume of contacts to successfully market to their target market.

Engagetech, your database & more…

As a lead generation agency, EngageTech make data the core of our business and can broker lists for your use in house, give you free access as part of a calling campaign or tailor towards email marketing activity.

It’s time-consuming, and yes, it’s hard work but our dedicated team are constantly working the database– which can be filtered using employee counts, revenue figures and geography etc  to help our clients understand their data challenges, clean their existing data and plan for the database they want to have.

Over the course of 2014, there were nearly 60,000 new contacts added to our data.

Calling campaigns in particular can be a good way to cleanse your data and gather intelligence. The most important thing to understand is how this data can be meaningful and useful. For example, some marketers will be happy to know the size of the companies they are targeting, whereas others will want to drill down for more specific information like where the target is in terms of their buying cycle.

Some examples of market intelligence that is commonly reported on:

  • Industry sector
  • Number of users
  • Number of locations/sites
  • Current provider
  • Current solution
  • Industry events they attend
  • End date of current contract