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Engagetech get Quizzical, every quarter!

The quarterly event … the chance for EngageTech to down tools after a busy three months of generating leads, building pipeline, servicing accounts and do something more sociable with one another; whether this brings thoughts of horror and despair to those of you who couldn’t think of anything worse of socialising with your colleagues, we at EngageTech typically seem to get stuck in!

How it all began…

After one of the hottest summers on record and during a strikingly balmy early October, the social powers that be at EngageTech decided Q3 was going to end with a battle of knowledge and wit set at an exclusive venue in the City of London. As you might have guessed (title of this blog gives it away I suppose) the exclusive venue was a pub and the battle of knowledge was a quiz, hence resulting in the rather aptly named EngageTech Pub Quiz 2014.

Now EngageTech are a sophisticated and well-read bunch, I mean some of us are known to go home to a fine glass of port and comte vieux whilst listening to Bizet and brushing up on the works of Hobbs and Machiavelli. However….with the average age at the company hovering around the 25 year mark, it was after much deliberation we decided that our quiz topics should have a ‘noughties’ feel to them; based strictly on current affairs, music and all things … current!

So with the questions regarding 19th Century novelists parked to one side, a whole host of diverse questions came to light with rounds on the Harry Potter movies through to London Social Landmarks and (big chance to show off to the directors here) current trends in technology.

We left with our thirst for knowledge quenched and managed to keep the competitive nature of the event at a friendly level. The winners were the toast of the company and although I don’t think any knowledge of TOWIE will massively help us in any way moving forward, it was a great evening and gives the Social committee something to top after we hit our Q4 targets at the end of March. Roll on the next quarter!