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How to Make the Most Out of Your Data


Starting at the top, your process when you get a new list is key, the first time you call through the list:

  • Never skip a company – Put in the hours and effort to source and call even if it takes you a couple of days to get through the list – you will reap the rewards later.
  • 2-3 relevant people at EVERY company – As an example this would bring your target from 100 companies to 300 prospects.
  • Never skim through.
  • Be Crazy Diligent!

As well as sourcing 2 or 3 people with the perfect job title:

  • Always try and source a DDi or a mobile by calling up the gatekeeper our using a solution like Lusha.
  • Or if you have comprehensive data in your CRM try and add someone that you can see has been spoken to before– this will be a person who is receptive to calls, and even if they aren’t 100% relevant they should give you info and a referral.
  • Push for the referral’s DDi or mobile from this contact too.
  • Be conscious that sourcing 8/9 people per company can be counter-productive, causing you to not be familiar with your list and ultimately less successful.

Next step is to never forget the basics in this job:

  • Whether you are on 6 meetings for the week or 1 for the month you need to make sure you are proactively sourcing new contacts through LinkedIn, speaking to people at the companies on your list and also checking your CRM for new contacts (Your colleagues should be improving your database every-day too). This will mean that you always have pipeline and new contacts to speak to.
  • Also, when speaking to a person make sure you update notes for multiple contacts from that company. For example they are using XYZ solution, or person ABC is best to speak to. This will allow you to make the most of your time as you won’t be contacting people needlessly when you already have better intelligence at your disposal to utilise.
  • Equally you won’t miss the chance to make your call relevant as for example you may know what tool they are using or that they are having a particular challenge at the moment.

Lastly there are a few more points that will help you when your target list appears overcalled and  dry, these actions will help you to have more conversations:

  • Anyone who you believe to be a hot referral, make sure you source a DDi and mobile for.
  • It is also more worthwhile asking for the number outright on the switchboard, rather than asking to be connected to the individual you are looking to speak to. You have nothing to lose, worst case you will be connected even if you aren’t given the number outright.
  • You will likely have a repetitive calling pattern, it is important to make sure you flip the order regularly (top to bottom, rather than bottom to top for example) this will allow you to catch people at different times in the day. Sorting alphabetically or by job title occasionally will help provide variety. If you are looking for help around the timing of your conversations then please send me an email, we have a solution that can help.
  • Never turn down an opportunity to add more data by finding new companies to prospect into. Remember though, bad pitches which aren’t thought out will burn companies, and data can be finite so treat every organisation with care.
  • Leaving your list and targeting a different industry or working on a different campaign for a few days and coming back with a fresh pair of eyes is also beneficial, this will also allow pipeline to mature.
  • Re-pitch people who you have marked as cold – sometimes they might have just been having a bad day. We all have those once in a while.
  • Make sure you are sending speculative emails daily – not everyone answers their phone and with marketing automation tools and lots of literature on email engagements this can’t be ignored. Hubspot who are a vendor in this space have produced an interesting article –

The worst thing you can do in any prospecting job is to mindlessly call through a list. Make sure you don’t cut corners on sourcing, use alternative techniques, vary your tactics and make sure you aren’t burning leads. If you do feel like your list is dry or you are going through the motions get in touch with me –

Management Away Day @ the Grove

EngageTech’s Management team recently had the pleasure of visiting The Grove Hotel set in the stunning Hertfordshire countryside for a Management Day conducted by Martin Wakefield of the company VogelWakefield.

VogelWakefield provide counter consultancy leadership development and help companies overcome obstacles caused by the complexity of human beings working together. It was really insightful to see their work with us as we partook in a number of workshops and exercises designed to challenge us all in a number of different ways, from the way we interact with one another to the way we view goals and challenges. It proved extremely interesting looking at these elements from alternative perspectives and delving into how each of us view and fulfil the role of being a leader within the business.


We also managed some rest bite from the classroom where we played a rather competitive game of rounders and football in the afternoon, which further assisted in our team communication on all levels! Plus, for the keen golfers there was a chance to stay on a little longer on the Saturday to make the most of the championship golf course where the greens were a little nippier than we were used to!

We left the weekend with some great ideas and plans to implement that will help continue the growth of the company as we go into our 7th year as a business and continue move with the ever changing demands of the Technology market, and a big thank you Martin for helping us facilitate the day.

Finally, to alleviate any concerns, no, we were not fortunate enough to grace the Hotel on the same weekend that a certain England Football Captain made the tabloids for being drunk and buying everyone drinks at the hotel bar (much to the dismay of some of team, we missed him by a week!).

Welcoming the Telephone Assassin

Yesterday it was our pleasure to welcome self-proclaimed ‘telephone assassin’ Anthony Spears into the office and hear his approach to appointment setting. Something we actively promote here at EngageTech is using all available resource to expand our knowledge as sales-people. Inviting Anthony in to give his unique take was an extension of this and we’re pleased to say it was a resounding success! From his sniper, rather than scatter-gun approach, to his tips on building rapport on the phone, Anthony ran us through what has made him so successful on the phone. He even gave the chaps in the office a few well needed tips on how to deal with the ultimate adjudicator- the father-in-law!

We’re looking forwards to putting some of the gems Anthony has given us into action and we’re sure results will follow. Watch this space!

Welcome to Technology

So what is the technology sector? It’s actually a very diverse industry, If you look at the different services and products our clients offer, you’ll find a range of products and services all the way from storage to search engine optimisation.

Take storage for example. Typically, when thinking of ‘storage’ our minds tend to wander towards USB memory sticks, CD’s, and perhaps even floppy disks (I handed in a few pieces of primary school homework on one of those bad boys). Myself and others new to the industry are sure to have heard of words such as ‘data’, ‘flash’ ‘infrastructure’ in a very literal sense, but when applied to a specific product or service? A more difficult concept to grasp.

Fortunately there are members of the team here with years of experience in many different areas of technology, and I can’t imagine I’ll forget the mobile phone contract analogy passed down to me by one of the delivery managers in my first few weeks:
The CapEx/OpEx models are two different financial means of purchasing products and services. Now whilst this might make sense and be relevant to a CIO, having the principle explained by comparing choosing either pay as you go or pay monthly on your phone contract makes the whole thing much easier to understand.

With regards to a digital campaign which we’ve just wrapped up (for now), the specifics of the message came a lot more naturally. I’ve grown up through the digital age, and once I started using this knowledge as leverage during the sales process I realised how inherent digital language is to my generation. Very quickly I was holding quality and in-depth discussions with digital marketing directors for some of the UK’s biggest and well-known brands. My point being, that whilst new to the technology sector, because tech is everywhere you subconsciously encounter much of the terminology required to be part of this industry in everyday life, by simply using your smartphone, reading emails or adverts on the tube.

The point is that in today’s world, technology is becoming increasingly important and prevalent every day. A study by Barclays this year found that the technology sector has grown at a staggering FOUR TIMES the average rate of growth than ANY other industry in the UK. Having only recently started at Engagetech, could there possibly be a better time to have joined such a thriving sector?