EngageTech Table Tennis Spring Championship 2015

Following the success of the inaugural Table Tennis Championships back in the blustery conditions of October it was widely received that it was time to ready the sinews, dust off our bats (especially those who bring in their own) and do the whole thing again.

Whereas the last tournament was a competition of sheer pride, bragging rights and general kudos, we agreed with this version of the tournament it would be a fine idea to mix the will to win with charitable giving and couple an entry fee for each player going to a charity of the winner’s choice.

Aside from the event raising some money for charity this would also bring another benefit in mellowing the swagger of the eventual winner with everyone knowing the proceeds were going to a good cause!

So with the seeds drawn, the groups set and the fixture list in place, battle commenced and in true EngageTech spirit everybody got involved from our Director (one of those with his own bat), through to our fresh faced interns, especially eager to put some of the elder statesmen of the Company in their place.

At present the group stages have been completed with some classic games worthy of going down alongside the greatest sporting moments at 185 Part Street, London in 2015, whilst we are well on our way through the knock out stages with the last of the Quarter finals to be played on Friday. So far we have seen everything from sublime backhands, spins and flicks through to the downright ridiculous with certain Messrs managing to defy all logic and cause table tennis balls to rain from the office windows!

So look out for an update on our social media channels for which fine specimen manages to be the last person standing and crowned Champion until the next instalment of this history creating event.

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