Management Away Day @ the Grove

EngageTech’s Management team recently had the pleasure of visiting The Grove Hotel set in the stunning Hertfordshire countryside for a Management Day conducted by Martin Wakefield of the company VogelWakefield.

VogelWakefield provide counter consultancy leadership development and help companies overcome obstacles caused by the complexity of human beings working together. It was really insightful to see their work with us as we partook in a number of workshops and exercises designed to challenge us all in a number of different ways, from the way we interact with one another to the way we view goals and challenges. It proved extremely interesting looking at these elements from alternative perspectives and delving into how each of us view and fulfil the role of being a leader within the business.


We also managed some rest bite from the classroom where we played a rather competitive game of rounders and football in the afternoon, which further assisted in our team communication on all levels! Plus, for the keen golfers there was a chance to stay on a little longer on the Saturday to make the most of the championship golf course where the greens were a little nippier than we were used to!

We left the weekend with some great ideas and plans to implement that will help continue the growth of the company as we go into our 7th year as a business and continue move with the ever changing demands of the Technology market, and a big thank you Martin for helping us facilitate the day.

Finally, to alleviate any concerns, no, we were not fortunate enough to grace the Hotel on the same weekend that a certain England Football Captain made the tabloids for being drunk and buying everyone drinks at the hotel bar (much to the dismay of some of team, we missed him by a week!).

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