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So what is the technology sector? It’s actually a very diverse industry, If you look at the different services and products our clients offer, you’ll find a range of products and services all the way from storage to search engine optimisation.

Take storage for example. Typically, when thinking of ‘storage’ our minds tend to wander towards USB memory sticks, CD’s, and perhaps even floppy disks (I handed in a few pieces of primary school homework on one of those bad boys). Myself and others new to the industry are sure to have heard of words such as ‘data’, ‘flash’ ‘infrastructure’ in a very literal sense, but when applied to a specific product or service? A more difficult concept to grasp.

Fortunately there are members of the team here with years of experience in many different areas of technology, and I can’t imagine I’ll forget the mobile phone contract analogy passed down to me by one of the delivery managers in my first few weeks:
The CapEx/OpEx models are two different financial means of purchasing products and services. Now whilst this might make sense and be relevant to a CIO, having the principle explained by comparing choosing either pay as you go or pay monthly on your phone contract makes the whole thing much easier to understand.

With regards to a digital campaign which we’ve just wrapped up (for now), the specifics of the message came a lot more naturally. I’ve grown up through the digital age, and once I started using this knowledge as leverage during the sales process I realised how inherent digital language is to my generation. Very quickly I was holding quality and in-depth discussions with digital marketing directors for some of the UK’s biggest and well-known brands. My point being, that whilst new to the technology sector, because tech is everywhere you subconsciously encounter much of the terminology required to be part of this industry in everyday life, by simply using your smartphone, reading emails or adverts on the tube.

The point is that in today’s world, technology is becoming increasingly important and prevalent every day. A study by Barclays this year found that the technology sector has grown at a staggering FOUR TIMES the average rate of growth than ANY other industry in the UK. Having only recently started at Engagetech, could there possibly be a better time to have joined such a thriving sector?

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